Authors Guidlines

All the manuscripts published should be plagiarism free. Authors have to ensure that all the manuscripts submitted to JOC should not have been published, in review or in publication process elsewhere. All the work published in JOC is in English. Manuscript should be typed in MS Word not using any other format. References should be according to APA manual 6th edition.

Manuscript layout

Manuscript should be submitted as per the format given by the JOC

There should be a separate title page/covering letter containing title of your work, name of author/s, their affiliation/s, contact numbers and email addresses.

Rest manuscript should be complete formatted as per the instruction given for submission. For formatting guidelines use the model paper given below.

All the manuscripts submitted to the journal should not exceed word limits (10,000 words), inclusive of all the tables, figures, references, and appendices.

Download : Sample Format